SeeUnity products extended to support the new iManage Work 10 web-based application

SeeUnity, a leading provider of content integration and migration solutions for on-premise and cloud-based Enterprise Content Management applications, is pleased to announce today the release of product extensions to support the new iManage Work 10 web application.  iManage is a leading provider of work product management for law firms, corporate legal departments, and other professional services firms such as accounting and financial services.

SeeUnity and iManage formed an official Technology Partnership in May of 2018, bringing the most comprehensive and in-depth migration tool in the industry to customers migrating to iManage on-premise or to the iManage Cloud. iManage customers also benefit from SeeUnity’s access and synchronization products that enable seamless integration with other vital business applications. The partnership strengthens iManage’s ability to provide professionals with agile tools to securely streamline their business processes.

iManage customers taking advantage of the new Work 10 application’s flexibility will find the same secure and reliable integration functionality they are currently used to with their iManage DeskSite or FileSite applications. Firms can now choose the iManage application of choice and have the same robust synchronization options available.

SeeUnity’s Fusion Content Integration and Echo Content Synchronization products for iManage combine to offer users highly customizable possibilities to optimize workflow efficiency amongst their technology ecosystems.  From a single user interface, iManage Work 10 drop down menus are easily extended, allowing users to securely access and manage content across systems.  Users are able to archive, sync, or publish content to external applications such as HighQ, SharePoint, or OneDrive for secure collaboration with external parties. “It’s necessary to continue innovating in order to meet today’s professionals’ agility and mobility needs.  SeeUnity has extended our products to support iManage users’ productivity and collaboration efforts.  Improving customers’ business processes increases user adoption and helps firms stay competitive,” said Dan Anderson, CEO, SeeUnity.

“SeeUnity is dedicated to continuous development efforts in order to support our best-in-class business partners’ innovative solutions.  We strive to stay current with new product versions and update releases, which in turn benefits the end customers,” commented Dan Hunsinger, CTO, SeeUnity.

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