Top 100 Directors research: knowledge management in 2013 report released

This year we have added knowledge leaders to our Top 100 Directors research range. It’s an area of legal in which there’s a very broad range of views and little agreement on its definition, where it fits and where it’s going – but there’s also a big commonality: in what’s becoming a very competitive sector, every law firm must exploit knowledge.

The study, carried out by Legal Support Network alongside sponsor Thomson Reuters Solcara, showed interesting results in this fairly new sector. A few key factors were; The legal sector can’t decide where knowledge sits, or if it’s an area that needs leadership. Only just over half of the top 100 have someone in charge of knowledge, either specifically or as a key part of their job.

If you want a job in knowledge management, look to the top 50 firms. Nine in 10 of the top 25 and three-quarters of the top 50 have a knowledge leader position. Compare that to the next 50 – just 36% of those firms have someone in post.

Knowledge leaders are increasingly coming from outside legal or professional services. As law firms cast their nets wider to fill knowledge roles, they’re pulling in capability from outside the sector.

Knowledge is a well-balanced role in terms of gender equality. However, this may merely stem from the historical link with the PSL element of a firm being a popular choice for women reluctant to devote their whole lives to a firm. But it’s a stat to keep your eyes on.

To read the full report, download your free copy here.

And click here to view the top 100 UK law firm knowledge management directors.

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