Balancing insourcing and outsourcing

Front-Line professionals offer five strategies for success

Is insourcing versus outsourcing an either/or choice? As law departments search for creative solutions to e-discovery and other legal tasks, many are finding that an integrated approach combining internal and external resources works best. 

A hybrid model can offer many law departments the best solution, making it possible to scale, reduce risk, make costs more predictable, and have ongoing access to emerging technologies. The need to better manage discovery becomes more urgent every day, as additional types of information become discoverable and budgets tighten. The broad capabilities of a hybrid approach are well adapted to the unique challenges that arise when technology and the law intersect. 

At a recent LegalTech conference in New York City, legal and discovery professionals – corporate counsel, law firm attorneys, legal technology specialists and outsourced discovery providers – shared their experiences regarding insourcing and outsourcing during two panel presentations sponsored by Huron Legal. The following five strategies 
for successfully balancing discovery insourcing and outsourcing were developed from those discussions.

Download the PDF above to find out more about the five strategies.

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