Purple Skies – are you an aspiring leader?

One day I want to lead a team. Provide a space for people to develop themselves. Be creative and push themselves out of their comfort zones. Be able to spot potential and nurture it. But that’s for the future, not now. I need to get more experience. I need to get more knowledge. I need to go on another training course. I need more ……. (fill in the blank). Does this sound familiar? Do you hear yourself say these things?Any aspiring leader would of said this at some stage.

Since it becomes a problem, its not that easy to solve. We all have doubts. But what is stopping you from being the next leader? What is getting in the way of you leading a team to it’s destination? Why can’t you be that person? What is preventing it being you?

Are you getting i the way? 

Additionally, do you have the desire to take a team forwards? If you are getting in the way of you being the next person to lead a team or you are not putting yourself forward for opportunities to try and lead a team, perhaps you should ask yourself what is the block? It doesn’t matter what training course you go on, you still need to implement what you have learnt. It doesn’t matter what book you read you still need to put things into practice. Not implementing holds you back from moving forwards. But it’s not that easy. If it was, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Plus, do you feel the frustration of feeling like your being held back. Do you get home from work and think “I can lead that team if I had the chance.” Do you think things like “Mary has so much potential if only given the right support” or “Bob is not the right person to put on that project it should be Dave.” Do you feel this urge to get the best out of people? Wanting them to move forwards and develop themselves.

Do you feel the frustration? 

However, you don’t have to feel like your on your own. I know how it feels. I have been here. The frustration you feel of wanting to progress but feeling like your not moving forwards. Feeling like you are being held back. It wasn’t until I realized I was holding me back. No one else. An aspiring leader but I lacked confidence in me. I didn’t think I was capable. I didn’t think I could cope. So what did I do? I quit my job and set up my own business! Not something I would advise everyone to do. It wasn’t until someone recommended I got a business coach did I start to see the value of mentoring and coaching.

Lacking self confidence

Furthermore there is help and support out there. Working with a coach opened my eyes to a lot about me. I then realized through my 16 years of working for professional services’ firms, I have always been able to spot those that have potential. I have always been interested in what makes people tick. Feeling deep down the urge to lead a team but never putting myself forwards. Lacking self confidence to do this. But it took me a long time to realize I had actually been doing these things; Project Managing various projects of various sizes, which meant bringing people together who may of never worked together before. Motivating them to get to the end of the project. Ensuring everyone was clear on the end goal and they knew when and how they were going to achieve it. I was an aspiring leader in the making!

Support for an aspiring leader

Also I may have something that could meet your needs. As a qualified coach I want to help those that feel that frustration. Those that want to lead a team but are holding back from doing so. The type of people who know they have it in them but can’t quite put their finger on what it is they need to do. Those that are an aspiring leader but just want some support getting there.

At Purple Skies Consulting I am putting together a service called Executive Mentoring for Aspiring Leaders. This will involve executive style coaching, which is laser focused and specific. There will be elements of mentoring where I share my experiences, however the service is there to ensure you get to where you want to be in your own way. 

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