Clyde & Co

Clyde & Co is not currently an LSN networkpartner. If it were, you would find a wider range of information about the firm on this page, such as recruitment contacts, video and images about the firm, detailed location information and maps, social media feeds and more.

In the absence of a full profile, here's what Clyde & Co says about itself on its website:

Welcome to Clyde & Co. If you are reading this you are probably wondering why Clyde & Co would be a good place to start or futher your career.

An altogether high standard
We hope that you will also get a flavour of what we are like as a firm, the things that matter to us, what it is like to work in one of our offices, and what kind of people we are.

An altogether supportive culture
If you are looking for a role in a leading international law firm with a first-class benefits package and a friendly, welcoming environment, look no further.

An altogether better choice
Over the past ten years we have doubled in size to become a UK top ten law firm, with a strong and respected international network of 30 offices across six continents.

Business services provide the day-to-day business infrastructure that allows our legal services to thrive. They work towards making Clyde & Co both a household and community name. Our teams perform essential functions and we reward them well.

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