Turcan Connell

Turcan Connell is not currently an LSN networkpartner. If it were, you would find a wider range of information about the firm on this page, such as recruitment contacts, video and images about the firm, detailed location information and maps, social media feeds and more.

In the absence of a full profile, here's what Turcan Connell says about itself on its website:

The vision for the Turcan Connell Group has always been to offer all the professional advice under one roof that an individual might need during their lifetime. This means offering a full range of legal services alongside wealth and investment management and a complete range of tax services. We believe that this joined-up, interdisciplinary approach of combining legal and financial skills and expertise really sets the Turcan Connell Group apart and enables us to provide the very best advice and counsel to our clients.

We understand that our clients face changing circumstances during their lifetimes and we are often there at the most important and sometimes difficult times to provide advice whether on an issue regarding employment or on the breakdown of a relationship. We strive always to offer a highly personal and considered approach and our clients trust us to guide them and support them in the right way.

We recognise that many of our clients lead busy lives and they value our responsive approach. They know that we are committed to them and to understanding their circumstances as fully as possible. We want them to succeed, we want to preserve and enhance their wealth now and for future generations and we want to provide sensible and workable solutions for all the issues that they face.  

Founded in 1997, today we have 20 partners and a staff of around 300 offering a unique combination of skills and expertise covering tax, estate and succession planning, employment, dispute resolution, family and private businesses, divorce and family, land and property and charity law as well as wealth and investment management.

Turcan Connell's offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Guernsey serve a broad range of clients who value the focus which we can bring to their affairs.


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