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Watson, Farley & Williams is not currently an LSN networkpartner. If it were, you would find a wider range of information about the firm on this page, such as recruitment contacts, video and images about the firm, detailed location information and maps, social media feeds and more.

In the absence of a full profile, here's what Watson, Farley & Williams says about itself on its website:


Watson, Farley & Williams is a firm that punches above its weight. We compete successfully for high-value, quality work with competitors much larger than ourselves. That success is a reflection of the calibre of our people and our exacting standards of recruitment. Equally, our staff retention is significantly above average for both the legal sector and industry more widely.  

The best lawyers and business support staff are drawn to the firm for many reasons. Our international reach is unusual for a medium-sized firm. Our work is often complex and multi-jurisdictional; always stimulating. Our high ratio of partners to fee earners provides close contact with the most experienced – and a fast-track learning environment for newer lawyers and graduates that is hard to match. 

We encourage a spirit of independence that assumes our people will get the job done rather than conform to a corporate way of working. That may be because we are a relatively young firm – established in 1982 – giving us an entrepreneurial outlook on all we do.  

Applicants like us for solid, practical reasons, too: a competitive salary and benefits package, and an international culture. We are proud to recruit the very best in our chosen fields regardless of any factors other than talent and potential. We offer flexible working, annual salary reviews and equal pay principles. We also support initiatives to attract a broad range of entrants to the sector, and produce targeted advertising to ensure our pool of candidates is as broad as possible.

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