Dean Sappey at DocsCorp on its plans to facilitate a seamless experience across its products

Dean Sappey, CEO at DocsCorp, outlines how the company intends to keep its family of products working harmoniously with one another, and with the outside world.

In July 2019, British Airways became the recipient of the largest ever fine handed down by the Information Commissioner’s Office for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) related data breaches. It was provisionally charged £183m, pending an appeal, for failing to prevent malicious hackers from stealing the private information of 500,000 users of its website. That substantial fine is still less than the theoretical maximum fine of 4% of a business’s turnover, a new upper limit that came into effect after the UK’s implementation of legislation intended to parallel the EU’s GDPR. 

Even putting aside the possibility of malicious hacking attempts, SME law firms need to be sure they can prevent breaches – even purely accidental ones. Document mismanagement and communication errors can lead to a breach – a possibility to which DocsCorp CEO Dean Sappey says firms may not be paying enough attention. 

Such accidental breaches have occurred more recently in the US but Sappey won’t be surprised when it eventually happens in the UK. “We saw it recently with a large US law firm that didn’t properly redact information in a document – reputational damage and the potential for lost business is a big risk, and much harder to calculate than the cost of fines. But when it happens, you’ll know about it.” 

This article was first published in the November 2019 issue of LPM 'That's not all, folks'.

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