Webinar: Business development in the digital era

In today’s business development landscape, selling on relationships is becoming increasingly difficult. Legal professionals are growing their knowledge around micro-markets, niche practices and the like to become thought leaders to in turn, drive business development and strengthen client relationships.

Peter Ozolin, CEO and Cofounder of Manzama, and Kevin O’Keefe, CEO and Cofounder of LexBlog, team up to discuss:

An overview of Manzama’s Partnership with The LexBlog Network
Methods, technologies, and services for building situational awareness around clients, practices and industries
Ways to use situational awareness to become a thought leader and credible resource within an industry or practice.

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Event Details

Date:20 May 2015
Location:Your desk
The webcast will go live at 3PM and Manzama product experts will be available via live chat throughout the day to answer questions and continue the conversation.