Webinar: How to eliminate the 3 limiting factors for law firm profitability

The Profitable Practice Accelerator: How to Eliminate The 3 Limiting Factors for Law Firm Profitability So You Can Have More Clients, More Profits, and More Time

In this no-cost online seminar you will:

  • ANALSYSE which of the 3 Limiting Factors of Law Firm Profitability are stopping you from getting more clients and increasing profits (or keeping you working too many hours) and what to do about it
  • DISCOVER how to apply the Profitable Practice Formula to Attract more of your ideal clients, Convert more enquiries into paying clients and Maximise profits from the clients you already have
  • IDENTIFY exactly what steps to take to get more clients and double your profits without working more hours (PLUS hear real life case studies of lawyers who’ve increased clients and profits by between 90% and 471% by following these steps)

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