eBook and Webinar: Business Development tips for today

Manzama and Julie Savarino have partnered to create an eBook and webinar-download to discuss business development and its new requirements. Stop searching and start finding new business with business development techniques of today. No longer do teams of analysts need to search, identify and analyse potential clients by actionable circumstance then prioritise by organisational skill. The idea of creating and monitoring brand awareness has vastly modernised with the organisation of public and proprietary news sources and real-time media monitoring.

Manzama is a content intelligence platform specifically designed for professionals. Manzama mines and analyses vast amounts of information, and delivers highly relevant and personalised intelligence to each stakeholder within the organisation.

Our collaborative webinar, “How to Win New Business with Trendspotting Techniques,” stands at the intersection of proven business development experience and a highly personalised intelligence delivery system.

Julie Savarino has 25 years experience developing new business in professional service organisations and is the managing director of business development Inc. 

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