I took my own medicine and ...

I often talk about the importance of being out of the office if you want to grow your practice or business.

Because it’s only when you are away from the ‘day-to-day’ that you have the space and time to think, time to plan, time to be strategic.

Last week I took my own medicine – I went to California for a 3-day mastermind and masterclass where I had a chance to focus on my own business and my owns plans.

(I was lucky enough to be in Marina del Rey, which has a beautiful marina.)

I spend so much time focused on my clients’ businesses that I need to take my own medicine sometimes and get out of my office too.

California might seem an extreme option, but apart from the fact that I was with a group of amazing business coaches and consultants with whom I could mastermind, the 8 hour time difference makes it much easier to unplug from the day-to-day as you don’t get interrupted by emails and phone calls during the daytime there…

The result? I got some great insights about how to take my business to the next level and I planned out exactly what I’m going to focus on in the next 90 days. I now have a A3-sized 90 day plan pinned up on my wall which I just need to follow.

It’s a great feeling to have the planning done, and know I just need to implement my plan to get the results I want.

Take action

If you don’t have a 90 day plan to follow, and getting more clients and increasing your income is on your agenda for the next 90 days, then I can help.

Come to my FREE online seminar “The Profitable Practice Gameplan: More Clients, More Profits, More Time” and let me show you exactly what you need to do (and in what order) to get a boost of new clients and additional income into your practice or business. I’ll also show you the exact steps to take to create an effective plan to grow your practice.


PS You don’t need to actually leave your office for this online seminar – you just need to set aside 90 minutes to work ‘on’ your business instead of ‘in’ it.

And if you want to learn some new tools and to create the ideal growth plan for your practice or firm, then you should do what you can to clear your diary and be at my next “Profitable Practice Secrets Workshop”. This is an opportunity to learn quick-to-implement tools that can help you get more clients and increase your profits, and it’s also a chance to be away from the ‘busy-ness’ of the office and have the time and space to focus on your strategy and plans for growing your practice.


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