Leading switchboard specialist ComXo delivers switchboard function to international law firm Simmons & Simmons

UK leading switchboard provider ComXo has successfully delivered a full new outsource provision to International law firm Simmons & Simmons.

ComXo provides a range of switchboard services to 40 top 100 law firms. With an in-depth understanding of the legal sector spanning 15 years, it supports organisations whose clients require a consistently exceptional service 24/7, 365 days a year.

ComXo has provided Simmons & Simmons with a growing number of services since 2007, including out-of-hours call handling, overflow switchboard and a managed audio conferencing service. Having provided a fully outsourced, multi-lingual service for the firm’s Luxembourg office since it opened in January 2015, we then reviewed the firm’s entire UK switchboard provision. ComXo identified several opportunities to improve performance standards, increase efficiency and reduce costs, and proposed a full outsource as the next step in Simmons & Simmons’ switchboard management.

The transition, which was completed this month, sees the switchboard function come under full ComXo management whilst remaining onsite at Simmons & Simmons. The switchboard team will receive specialist training to help them deliver the excellent levels of service and professionalism, which are in line with Simmons & Simmons’ ‘High Performance Culture’. ComXo’s own Academy programme and Gold Standard call-handling accreditation will further help to drive the team’s commitment to engagement and performance, with the aim of answering 99.8% of calls, within 3 rings.

ComXo’s custom-built call handling software also forms a key benefit of the outsourced service. Their state of the art technology will enable the firm to offer a more personal customer experience through caller recognition, and make informed business decisions via detailed management information.

Stephen Shepard, Head of Facilities, Simmons & Simmons said:

“For the past 8 years, ComXo has provided outstanding customer service that mirrors our own dedication to high performance. The decision to undergo a full switchboard outsource was a natural progression for us, as it will enhance our clients’ experience while improving productivity”.

Simmons & Simmons joins the growing number of professional service firms that are transferring their switchboard function to an outsourced specialist. A key reason for this is often down to resource; delivering a flawless in-house service for every client, every day, can prove both challenging and costly.

Companies interested in optimising their switchboard provision can find out more about ComXo’s range of services at www.comxo.com. Earlier this year, ComXo published a whitepaper revealing that the true cost of employing an in-house operator in London, (considering factors such as recruitment, training, management and software) is £473 a day – that is significantly more than utilising their outsourced service. Companies can also request ComXo’s whitepaper ‘The real cost of a central London switchboard operator’ by contacting ComXo directly.

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