Maclay Murray & Spens select SeeUnity for content synchronization

Maclay Murray & Spens LLP (MMS), a UK based law firm, has selected SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization solution to help synchronize their iManage content with HighQ for external collaboration with their clients.

Historically, MMS has been using iManage as their main repository. In the past, they replaced their legacy extranet with HighQ. MMS had been using a competing solution for synchronization between iManage and HighQ, but they found that it was not satisfying their needs. Specifically, when they deleted documents in iManage, there would be no change in HighQ. SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization will make certain that when the iManage metadata changes, those changes will be reflected in HighQ. MMS will be using Echo Content Synchronization to facilitate client related collaboration between iManage and HighQ, and chose the SeeUnity solution because of its flexibility. To begin, MMS will start by using Echo to publish out to HighQ, then move forward to bi-directional synchronization later.

“We are pleased to select SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization solution to maintain the use of iManage in conjunction with HighQ,” said Jim Gibson, IT Development Manager at MMS. “It will allow our users to better serve their clients through external sharing and collaboration.”  “We are happy that we can help provide MMS with the right solution for their extranet needs,” said Dan Anderson, CEO and Co-founder of SeeUnity. “We see these types of situations often, and that is why we developed Echo Content Synchronization to work bi-directionally.”

SeeUnity’s implementation of Echo Content Synchronization will help MMS with control of their documents and information governance. In addition, it will allow MMS to maintain the use of tried and true systems to run their business. The official implementation took place in November and is expected to be complete by the end of 2016

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