SeeUnity's Echo Syncronization is providing Fasken with more immediate access to their content

By utilizing SeeUnity's Echo Synchronization solution, Fasken has been able to provide clients with more immediate access to their content while also providing administrators full oversight and control.

Fasken today introduces Fasken Edge, its new digital collaboration platform designed to make it easier for clients to work with their legal teams and manage their legal matters. Available 24/7, the cloud-based portal gives clients instant secure access to their matters from any device.

“Fasken Edge is a powerful communication and collaboration tool,” said Peter Feldberg, Firm Managing Partner. “Clients currently using the platform have told us that they are pleased with its security, agility, convenience, efficiency and ease of use.”

“Fasken Edge replaces multiple interfaces with one, easy-to-use collaborative hub that’s mobile friendly and accessible anytime,” said Robert Garmaise, Chief Innovation Officer. “It’s really a matter management tool aimed at supporting project teams to deliver on time, on budget and on point.”

Fasken Edge is designed to improve efficiency so that clients can collaborate conveniently with their legal teams across one platform, provide direction on the execution of their legal matters and check progress on their projects quickly and securely. Its main features allow users to collaborate by sharing information and calendars in one space; manage, assign and track tasks and calendar items across team members; share, store and comment on documents; track budget-to-actual; and generate automated templates.

Content modules can be customized in each workspace, allowing clients to build a bespoke version of Fasken Edge according to their immediate needs and plan for integration of additional modules as their business requires. Tools include a personalized dashboard, task tracking, a custom calendar that’s compatible with iCalendar or Outlook, notifications, file sharing and centralized spreadsheets.

Built on the HighQ platform, Fasken Edge combines secure file sharing and document management with enterprise social collaboration, productivity and knowledge sharing tools. Global leaders in digital transformation, HighQ empowers leading law firms and corporate legal teams to transform the way they work and deliver legal services. HighQ is flexible and user-friendly, continually offering innovative solutions for all areas of law to keep their clients ahead in the evolving legal market.

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