ABS Whitepaper - How can law firms succeed in the new legal era?

What can law firms do to compete and succeed in the new legal era? It’s a business critical conversation.

Undoubtedly, changes caused by the Legal Services Act (LSA) will diversify the legal profession forever. Although much commentary emphasises a pending doom set to ravage the legal landscape, many progressive firms have been focused in preparing themselves for the impact of Alternative Business Structures (ABS) and many consultants have offered insights that are well worth a listen. To help you consider how your firm can succeed, we share a range of these voices - including those of SOS clients - some of which evaluate the role of IT.

This whitepaper is a collection of industry expert articles that address pertinent themes relating to the new legal era, along with research findings and verbatim feedback from SOS clients. It is enhanced by a rich array of multi-media collateral that can be found on our Law Firm Success Resource Portal. This includes videos, case studies and strategic snapshots on progressive law firms that have insightful and valuable stories to share.

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