ComXo, the leading UK provider of global switchboard support services

With more than 40 top 100 law firms among our clients, and relationships stretching back 15 years, we’ve developed in-depth knowledge of how to deliver exceptional client experience to professional services firms. 

We have refined the delivery of exceptional calls over the past quarter of a century. Behavioural understanding has informed the four principles on which we base every call.

  • Politeness: good manners and etiquette go a long way. When the operator is polite, the caller feels respected and understood.
  • Professionalism: operators handle calls with intelligence, checking context, gaining understanding and prioritising. The caller’s request is actioned fast and accurately.
  • Proficiency: skilled use of our sophisticated technologies makes for a seamless and efficient experience, leaving the caller feeling valued.
  • Personality: allowing personality to shine through turns a call into a small pleasure in your client’s busy day. The experience feels personal, engendering long-term loyalty. 

The 21st century switchboard

Highly trained people use specially developed technology to deliver exceptional call experience instantly to anyone, at any time, anywhere in the world. We provide a multilingual, fully managed service from our offices in Windsor. 

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