Digital marketing masterclass 2014

The why, what and how of digital marketing for law firms

Marketing in a Digital World, is a one day digital marketing masterclass running in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, London and Leeds in November. The workshop explores ways in which your law firm can maximise its digital marketing investment through increasing internal collaboration between your Marketing and Fee Earning teams.

Do you use a local web designer or a specialist agency like us? Either way investing in Marketing in a Digital World is a must in 2014. Getting the most out of your marketing spend is a fine balancing act that takes input from all members of your team. Combining and increasing the skills, experience and knowledge in that team can bring winning results.

Whether your website becomes the focal point for all your online advertising, you invest in Search Engine Optimisation or increase your social media activity, making your digital marketing strategies work for you is the key to making your website a valuable investment. Of course all law firms are different; your firm's strategies may be focused on lead generation, increasing your online enquiries or website traffic, having a combined team strategy is crucial which is why this one day course in either Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, London or Leeds will maximise your firm’s results.

Split into two streams, the day is for:

Marketing professionals – Delve deeper into how you can create and use the winning strategies and tools that we have seen many firms get great results from. The content of the workshop is aimed at intermediate/advanced level marketers…

Partners/fee earners – Increase your knowledge and/or get an insight into the mystery that is Marketing in a Digital World. Learn and understand how you can increase your leads, profits and cashflow in your firm…

Learning from some of the best brains in the business … because law firms is what we do!

Venues and dates

  • Tuesday 4 November: Manchester
  • Wednesday 5 November: Leeds
  • Thursday 13 November: Birmingham
  • Tuesday 18 November: Bristol
  • Wednesday 19 November: London

Download the PDF above to read the agenda and find out more about the event. 

Book your place at the event here.

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