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The de Burgh Group specialises in providing high-end corporate training courses and seminars for leading professionals.

After gaining a Masters degree in Voice and Speech, Luan de Burgh taught at the University of London and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art while providing professional coaching for a client list that included company directors and MPs.

It was during this time that he began to develop material, techniques and methodology which would form the basis of the de Burgh Group programme, recruiting a team of like-minded trainers along the way.

Observing a niche for an exclusive professional development service able to adapt to the very specific needs of companies operating in different industries, the de Burgh Group was launched in 2011.

In the years since the de Burgh Group client list has grown, yet we have retained our distinctive personality – big enough to be effective yet small enough to be pragmatic.



In this de Burgh Group seminar, attendees learn simple techniques to become effective story tellers. The seminar is popular with clients across a range of sectors – from finance and law to business – who are looking to stand out by bringing an extra dimension to their presentations.

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