Brian Coventry at Symphony APS on getting the most out of your existing client data

Your firm probably has a large network of known contacts, clients and referrers. These relationships are what drive revenue, yet few firms have the visibility required to identify, protect and grow these relationships.

What does data have to do with relationships? Working tirelessly in the background, your firm’s communication systems likely manage hundreds, thousands, even millions of transactions each day. Email and other systems not only facilitate digital communication, but they also log and store data about each of these transactions. This data is something that often goes unused by firms yet, when put into context, this data can provide a myriad of business development and client retention benefits.

For firms familiar with client relationship management (CRM) and practice management systems (PMS), the challenges that surround data and gaining data insights will also be very familiar. The reality is that busy professionals need easy-to-use intelligent mechanisms that ensure client and prospect contact records are not out of date and that, where possible, the firm is capitalising on opportunity.

This article was first published in LPM's February issue 'Connecting Clients', click here to read the full article.

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