Aldridge Brownlee case study from Accesspoint Technologies

The Law Firm: Aldridge Brownlee Solicitors was founded in 1929 and over the years they have seen steady growth with three offices located in Bournemouth and one in Highcliffe. Altogether the firm employs over 70 people across the team, specialising in personal law – disputes & litigation, family law and business law.  

The Challenge: As Aldridge Brownlee continued to grow, they quickly realised their next step would be to look for a new Hosting Managed Service Provider. To ease and simplify their IT needs, they concluded that they would look for an MSP that would not only meet with their growth requirements and expectations, but also offer additional Legal IT services as their requirements evolved with the acquisition of a new Case/Practice Management System. Having sought advice from their Practice Management Software Vendor, Accesspoint were recommended and chosen to implement a new Cloud Hosted solution ahead of the main PMS implementation as their dating platform would not be able to run their new PMS. Before full implementation, Aldridge Brownlee asked for proof of concept and as such had access to their test platform through September to March 2019.  Their full platform went into operation earlier this year in April 2019.

The Solution: As part of their migration to Private Cloud Hosting with Accesspoint, all of their desktop equipment was replaced and in doing so assisted in the refreshment of their printing fleet. To further add to their mobility Accesspoint are in the process of assisting in the replacement of their dating phone platform. We now continue to provide the firm with a broad range of services including a fully hosted cloud platform, managed backup and DR solution.  Using the latest Microsoft technologies, the Cloud Hosted platform for Aldridge Brownlee was custom designed to allow for growth and flexibility. In addition to this, our dedicated support team provided 24 hour service monitoring for extra peace of mind.  Industry leading uptime is provided to ensure Aldridge Brownlee never miss a thing, we use state of the art software and hardware to provide a fully modular Cloud Hosted solution. This solution meets their changes in demand, whilst providing a uniform environment that follows the user via the log on/ off process into the Cloud to ensure that their work session is fully supported and perfect every time. Built using VMware on industry leading hardware, with load balanced terminal servers that combine with application servers for their practice management. In addition they opted for digital dictation and voice recognition all with full Cloud functionality as standard. 

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