Baskerville Drummond case study – PMS selection for Hunt & Coombs

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Executive Summary

Client challenge:

Hunt & Coombs are currently using Envision, a product which had been made “end of life” by Thomson Reuters. Whilst the firm had good IT leadership it needed support to:

  • determine which options were available;
  • provide a robust and inclusive selection process;
  • document all of the critical User requirements and add structure to the evaluation phase;
  • assist in establishing the project’s key success factors;
  • guide the internal team through the process and final decision making.

BDC’s solution

To support a critical PMS selection process by providing strategic advice on PMS solutions and vendors, identifying functional needs and undertaking a rigorous selection process.

  • Supported the selection committee by providing an overview of the PMS market and the initial long-list.
  • Undertaking interviews with key stake holders to identify all functional requirements
  • Created a requirements document, based on our experience but tailored to Hunt & Coombs’ requirements.
  • Undertook a process to identify the strategic drivers and key success factors
  • Oversaw the tender process and provided advisory report.
  • Supported contract negotiations.

Engagement impact

  • Expanded knowledge as to the possibilities within the selection group and key staff.
  • Created a detailed and prioritised requirements document.
  • Moved from a position of not knowing which systems were available to having a preferred supplier within 15 days of Consultancy.

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