Taylor Rose switched to Laserform from Advanced

Multi-disciplined law firm looks to Laserform to replace its existing forms package


Taylor Rose switched to Laserform from Advanced after experiencing difficulties with their existing supplier. The firm needed a system which could easily be adapted to meet the needs of some of their more complex cases without incurring heavy costs.


Taylor Rose is a multi-disciplined law firm with 23 solicitors based in offices in London and Peterborough, Founded in 2004 as McCullagh and Co, Taylor Rose Law was incorporated in 2009, and inherits all of McCullagh and Co’s expertise. Offering a full range of legal services for both businesses and individuals, its mission is to provide high quality legal services at competitive price points to enhance customer retention, believing in efficiency and quality whilst understanding client’s individual circumstances. Intrinsic to the provision of a first rate service is their IT infrastructure including the electronic forms system which, prior to Laserform, was no longer performing to expectations.

Business Challenge Taylor Rose was originally using another forms package, but staff grew increasingly frustrated with its limited functionality. Forms took too long to complete and efficiency was being adversely effected. The knock on effect of a difficult form filling process meant that profitability on each case was effected.


Charlotte Corbyn, solicitor at Taylor Rose explained: “The forms we were using just wasn't practical for a firm like ours. One of the major problems was that they were not expandable. For example, if a case involved a few parties or a description of an item was unusually lengthy, the box to fill the details was too small and wouldn’t easily expand. This meant that we had to keep fiddling around with the font sizes to try to squeeze words into small boxes. Colleagues in all departments said this limited functionality and the cost of being charged to fix it were an issue which we needed to address. Each time a form needed to be completed whether it was in conveyancing, private client or business litigation it took too long and was too expensive.”  
Solution After consulting with fee earners and support staff, the management team made a decision to review their system and requirements and to seek out a better supplier who could fit the needs of the business and help to streamline the form filling process. After an extensive review the firm decided to switch to Laserform from Advanced due to its greater functionality and ease of use. The Laserform system comprises over 3,000 forms covering all legal areas and contains multiple efficiency features, including screen notes functionality to add ad-hoc comments to a form in a sticky note style, and the ability to send forms as a PDFs, making it easier for clients to receive and review documents. Charlotte Corbyn continues: “Laserform is so much simpler to use. It’s just like editing a Microsoft Word document and we can use all the features of Word without having to worry about writing too much information because the space automatically resizes.” 

Benefits Achieved Since implementing Laserform Taylor Rose has seen a marked increase in efficiency when processing documents. “The firm is now able to create more consistent processes by making use of the screen notes function which issues reminders and prompts, reducing risks of errors. Staff can make use of templates for specific types of form which saves huge amounts of time, boosting productivity and profitability on each case.” “Updates to the forms are quicker than ever before. Advanced Legal’s close relationship with key institutions including HMRC, Ministry of Justice and Land Registry means that the firm is always using the most accurate and up to date form automatically.” “The ability to quickly create accurate forms and email them as PDF’s to our clients has made a huge difference to the speed and efficiency to our work and our clients are really seeing the difference.” “I’d recommend Laserform to any Law firm looking to gain efficiencies and an improved user experience.”

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