The clients and income accelerator

Free online seminar for solicitors and other professionals who want more clients and more income. 

The clients and income accelerator: how to get more clients and increase your income in the next 90 days

In this complimentary online seminar you will discover:

  • The 3 Limiting Factors Of A Professional Practice: how your model, method and mastery levels could be slowing you down (or stopping you) from getting the clients and income that you want or keeping you working too many hours for the income you’re getting
  • The Profitable Practice Diagnostic Tool: how to diagnose which of the 3 Essential Elements a Profitable Practice you most need to improve in to get the clients and income that you want
  • The Clients and Income Accelerator: The specific ‘Accelerators’ to implement into your practice to get more clients and more income in the next 90 days and take your practice to the next level

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Event Details

Date:20 March 2018
Time:9:00am - 10:30am
Location:Your desk