DPS Software: Achieving a paperless office

With most law firms now working from home, it makes even more sense to reduce your reliance on paper.

The last thing you want is staff taking paper files home with them. It places an unnecessary burden on your staff, is a health and safety risk for them and a data security risk for you.

Join us on our free webinar on Thursday 16th July and see how you can achieve a paperless office with DPS Spitfire.

You'll see how to create and share bundles, sending forms for clients to complete electronically, and how to share case updates with your clients through our client portal, MyLegalSpace.


11:00 Welcome to the webinar and general introduction 
11:10 DPS Paperless Office - set up & use in Spitfire
11:35 The new court requirements on bundling & how to create bundles according to this
11:50 How to share bundles securely using Safebox
12:00 How to share send a form to a client for electronic completion using MLS & SafeChat
12:10 How to sign and send a letter to a client's smart phone
12:20 Post Office
12:30 Brief Overview of Spitfire
12:40  General Q & A

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