Landmark webinar – Mining and subsidence

Around 6.9 million – 1 in 5 properties - in the UK are at risk of subsidence with 20-25,000 subsidence claims made against insurers in an average year.

This one hour session will provide conveyancers with an overview of subsidence risk and its causes, as well as considering liability, insurance and how delegates can advise their clients of the risks along with the steps to take in order to manage them.

Programme content:

  • What is and isn’t subsidence
  • Liabilities and the approach of lenders and insurers
  • Risk assessment measures, and what to do if a risk is discovered
  • Steps that can be taken to reduce those risks
  • Subsidence risk search report information
  • Case studies

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Event Details

Date:7 June 2018
Time:12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location:Your desk