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The outsourcing business model really is a no brainer. This is reflected in the profit margins of Quill's outsourced legal cashiering service clients who've seen 25% growth.

Many functions can be outsourced - typing and payroll, for instance - but legal cashiering's the focus here, as it falls under scrupulous regulation and exacting rules. Making mistakes carries a heavy price tag.

The main benefits of outsourced legal cashiering support, then, are...

  • Business growth: Cut your overheads by simply paying-as-you-go and concentrate on fee earning without accounts-related distractions. Your profit costs will thank you for it!
  • Regulatory compliance: Leave your problematic cashiering tasks to qualified experts who'll get everything right first time, on time. Not only will you and your COFA be happier, so too will the SRA!
  • Continuity promise: Access your cloud data any time, any place, any device and know your cashier (or deputy) is readily available during working hours. Rely on the expected when facing the unexpected!
  • Plus much more besides including business intelligence insights, personal service support and streamlined annual accounting

Still need convincing? Read more and register for one of our free, no obligation, 15-minute webinars. We'll talk you through the Pinpoint legal cashiering process at Quill and show the main accounting screens in our Interactive legal accounts software.

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Tuesday 13th February, 11am - 11.15am
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Friday 23rd February, 2pm - 2.15pm

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