Book your summer holiday cover with Quill

As springtime has arrived, employees are starting to think about booking their summer holiday and business owners worrying about how they'll cope when short staffed during the peak holiday season. Now is the ideal time to plan ahead by arranging temporary cover for your essential back-office administration. Where law firms are concerned, this means your cashiering and typing functions.

You see, at Quill, we provide outsourced services on an however-you-like basis including covering for absences such as holidays. Choose from:-

  • Outsourced legal accounting: End-to-end cashiering support comprising ledger and bank account management, billing, reporting and VAT returns
  • Outsourced typing: Dictate from anywhere, even at the beach, and receive your expertly typed-up documents in an hour for urgent tasks

Everybody needs a holiday. With our backing, you can relax fully in the knowledge that we'll keep things ticking along nicely while you're away. Then after your holiday, return to work with ease without any of the usual stress-inducing catch-up days to trawl through the backlog.

Of course, you don't just have to take our word for it. Here's what our clients have to say...

"I'd categorically recommend Quill's outsourcing services, temporary cover or otherwise. For us, the back-up plan has been a huge relief." Rachael Fisher, Richard Griffiths & Co

"We didn't realise Quill can provide outsourced services on an immediate, temporary basis. Thankfully for us, they can!" Simon Acworth, Downie & Gadban Solicitors

Your summer holiday planning starts right here!

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