The top reasons to scan your documents by Archive Document Data Storage

Is the hassle of managing your paper records stifling your business? Does it take too much time to find the documents you need? Are you running out of office space? Here are the top ten reasons to scan your documents:

1. Your Customers Deserve the Best

Happy, satisfied customers are the blueprint for a successful business. Document scanning ensures your customers get the information they need fast. Digital invoices, contracts, and product information can be sent at a moment’s notice.

2. Enhanced Information Accessibility

Searching through filing cabinets to find documents wastes time and money. Document scanning converts your paper records to easy-to-find digital files so you stay productive and profitable. 

3. Archival Document Preservation

Over time, excessively-handled vital records and historical documents deteriorate. Document scanning protects paper records from physical damage. Archival digital copies can be accessed as often as needed without the risk of damage or deterioration to the original document.

4. More Office Space

Leased office space is expensive. Documents scanning frees up valuable office space, so you can make more room for generating revenue for your business.

5. Disaster Recovery

Fires, floods and natural disasters pose a constant threat to the hard copy records stored in your office. Document scanning allows you to make digital copies, so if a catastrophe strikes, you don’t lose valuable information.

6. Data Security

Tracking paper files and preventing unauthorised access to hard copy records isn’t easy. Digital images can be encrypted, stored securely in the cloud, or backed up to digital media and stored offsite in a data vault. That’s why document scanning offers the ideal solution for tracking and protecting your business information.

7. Shareability

Nothing is more inefficient than having to print copies of documents when you need to share information with your colleagues. Document scanning allows you to share and distribute documents digitally, just by clicking your mouse.

8. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Legal and regulatory compliance is one of the biggest challenges for any business. Without the ability to produce information promptly, your organisation can face stiff fines and excessive legal costs. Document scanning streamlines audit requests and litigation processes by keeping your information organised, indexed and accessible.

9. A Green Business

Paper dependency doesn’t just have a negative impact on your business; it leads to deforestation and environmental pollution. Document scanning saves trees, conserves energy and keeps paper waste out of waterways and landfills. It’s a win-win, eco-friendly solution for both your business and our planet!

10. Peace of Mind

Running a business is challenging and stressful. Document scanning gives you peace of mind knowing your information is secure, preserved, and always accessible.

Archive Document Data Storage (ADDS) provides document scanning solutions for health care providers throughout London, Bristol, Bath, and Swindon.

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