Creating ground-breaking solutions to digitise the legal sector

Upcoming changes to the legal sector sees progression to digitising documents from the more traditional paper-based processes we’re all so used to seeing. Lawyers and judges are already seeing these changes being implemented in courts in the UK, and now more than ever is the time to consider switching to an electronic document management solution.

Leeds main court is one of the few so far to make the bold move to digital, opting to pilot cloud-based software. This is part of Lord Justice Briggs’ plans to completely digitise and revolutionise UK courts, taking paper out of the equation for lawyers and judges up and down the country. Traditional methods requiring reams of paper, travel between courts and offices, and wasting time handling basic tasks could become a thing of the past.

Some 35 hours per week are spent on paperwork in the UK for court staff, and the digital transition from paper-based documentation can only mean time and cost savings for those within the legal sector.

The industry has seen some resistance to making the switch to digital – not least of all due to concerns that if a system is installed incorrectly, or the service support is poor, you could find yourself in a worse situation than before. It’s important to find the right company and system that works for your organisation.

Arena Group has created mstore to make switching to digital a simple, straight-forward process.

Mstore – your complete software solution to going paperless

Arena Group, experts in document management, recognise the need to digitise vital documents, ease the workflow process and enable quick retrieval. As well as offering cloud-based solutions, Arena provide in-house software, mstore, an intuitive electronic document management system. A team of expert developers customise this software to the way you work – an integral benefit in the process of going paperless.

Bradford-based debt-recovery solicitors, drydensfairfax, have had mstore installed in their organisation for several years. Arena implemented the software as a bespoke EDM mailroom function, receiving and scanning documents instantly which are then attached to a relevant case. Integrated with the organisation’s own case management system, mstore alerts both managers and solicitors to the documents received, and maps out the next steps in the process.

What’s more, mstore provides security for those confidential documents you really can’t leave laying around the office. Freeing up time, resources, plus reassurance that important documents are free from disasters such as flood and fire, mstore helps ease the transition from hard copy to digital.

Delivering outstanding service and support for 25 years

Arena Group not only offer a bespoke solution for your organisation, we also handle the issues, concerns, and training too. No problem big or small deters our developers, and we’ve been delivering outstanding service and support to a wide and varying number of clients for 25 years.

Morrish Solicitors LLP, whose headquarters face Leeds main court, have been working with Arena for a number of years. Jaime Lockwood, IT Manager at the firm, praises Arena and the solutions we have provided them;

“Arena came in and listened to us. When I talk to my account manager, he doesn’t sell me what he wants to sell me, he sells me the solution that we need.”

Arena Group consistently deliver service excellence, and partner with key organisations to enhance our offering. Arena recently partnered with Panintelligence to offer a dashboard tool in conjunction with mstore, making it even easier for directors and businesses to gain access to important data.

“The software really gets to the heart of how people want to improve their business,” Neil Maude, General Manager at Arena, says.

Arena Group provide hard copy, print, and electronic document management solutions. With 6 offices in the UK, and headquarters based in Wakefield, we have the right people and expertise to confidently offer a solution that’s right for your business.

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