Iphelion StubXploder

StubXploder is designed to address issues seen when archived e-mail stubs are filed within document management systems such as Open Text eDocs DM or Autonomy Interwoven Worksite.

E-mail filing is high on the agendas of most firms these days, and document management technology offerings provide powerful ways to categorise, and retrieve these e-mails quickly and efficiently. Equally high on the priority list is the need to maintain a streamlined e-mail environment, with thousands of e-mails entering and leaving the system every few hours. Many companies have addressed the latter issue by implementing the Symantec Enterprise Vault system which moves e-mails from the corporate messaging system to a separate archive outside of your e-mail system. The e-mails moved to the archive are then replaced with a small stub file which, when opened, retrieves the original e-mail from the archive rather than your e-mail system.

Document management systems are used for the sharing of information and allow security to be applied to documents. However, if this happens to be an archived e-mail stub, the document management security model does not match that of the Enterprise Vault system. When an archived e-mail is opened from within the DMS, access is only granted to the user that originally filed the email, instead of anyone on the recipient list.

This is where the StubXploder can help!

Written as a fully server side solution to remove the need for user interaction or client side deployment, StubXploder will restore archived e-mails from Enterprise Vault back into the DMS libraries. This means that business critical e-mails are restored to a single repository (the DMS) while still allowing EV to take the strain off of Exchange by offloading non critical e-mails. The product was designed with the largest deployments in mind so can easily handle a worldwide infrastructure with many libraries and archives or scale right down to single server instances.
If you would like more information on how StubXploder may be able to help you, then please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



Configure for use with any library configuration on WorkSite or OpenText eDocs DM

Legacy Vault Support

Supports Symantec Enterprise Vault 4.3 and above

Smart Error Handling

Intelligent error handling and rollback on individual items.

Process Scheduling

Assign independent schedules to each library.


Completion reports e-mailed to system supervisors on custom schedule.

Fully server side

Complete server side solution / no need for EV client on server.

Automatic Re-Indexing

Replaced e-mails are automatically assigned for re-indexing within DM.

Security Aware

File security automatically reapplied at file system level to support legacy DMS systems.

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