Katchr Connect 2020 User Conference: The next 12 months - survive or thrive?

If you attended the Katchr Connect 2020 (virtual) User Conference this year, you will have taken part in our various polls, run throughout the day. You can see the results of each of these throughout this article. Designed to explore the overall consensus shared amongst legal professionals during the COVID pandemic, we recently ran several polls with our customers and members of the Katchr community, for a better understanding of how firms have reacted in recent months, and to gain an insight into their collective recovery strategies. Responses yielded some interesting results, with 84% predicting a fall in revenue of between 5% - 20% (or more) in the next 12 months, against a considerably lower 57% of respondents expecting profitability to be impacted negatively. This can be offset to a degree through reductions in headcount, however many firms explain how they will be seizing new opportunities, such as targeted additional services for new and existing customers, or exploring a wider geographical talent pool (thanks to remote working), cutting out the commute and making more available hours in the day. 

Download the PDF to read the full report.

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