Repstor: How to enhance document and email management from within Outlook

For weeks now I have been singing the praises of Microsoft Teams and how so many businesses are successfully capitalising on it as their teamwork hub. At the same time we are cognisant that while so many are comfortable working in collaboration applications like Teams, there is still a set of users, who continue to be email focused and need access to all their information within Outlook.

For these businesses, they have realised that by asking users to open and move between multiple applications to find what they need, or to store a document where they’re supposed to, can have one of two negative effects. Either it slows productivity, interrupting the current flow of work. Or it prompts some level of resistance or even rebellion – users opting for easier workarounds, such as sharing the latest version of a document by email – causing content chaos.

One window on content, one familiar way of working

A very simple way to avoid workarounds or a drop in productivity is to make Outlook the front-end to wider content management – whether that’s in relation to legal matters, client engagements or some other form of project management.

Strong integration – between the tools that people use routinely every day and other document and information sources – is a great time-saver and compliance aid. If it’s second nature to call up and re-file content within the main application people use in their work and communications, there is no reason for users to do anything else. If, by extension, users can readily collaborate on documents using Microsoft 365 and automatically return the latest version to the central repository, why wouldn’t they?

This is about achieving information compliance by finding and empowering users where they are – without a sharp learning curve, or demanding that people change the way they work. It is also about making the most of existing investments – in both Microsoft 365, and in core document management systems – by blending the two and triggering preferred default behaviour that feels instinctive, easy and helpful to users.

It’s what we do

This is Repstor’s bread and butter, and it’s kept us very busy during the COVID lockdown as organisations have looked for quick and easy ways to enable deeper collaboration, both on- and offline, using tools they already have.

Learn more at our next bite-sized webinar

It’s something we’ll be unpacking at our next practical, bite-sized webinar: “Transform Email & Document Management in Microsoft 365 – Introducing new MS 365 features”, on July 2nd 2020.

In this short, high-impact session, we’ll highlight new and meaningful capabilities within M365 for email and document management that users should be leveraging. These include improved version control and document comparison features, support for offline content access, and powerful search.

Via a quick demo, we’ll show how to expose these capabilities within the familiar Outlook environment and as part of workflow. We’ll also demonstrate how Repstor technology nudges M365 email and document management best practices, and promotes predictive, compliant filing.

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