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We recently held an interactive webinar focusing on how legal and accounting firms can create real-time visibility to identify, protect and grow client relationships.

Professional services firms have vast amounts of data, but most aren't using it effectively to drive their business development and client retention strategies.

Business development challenges

One of the key points discussed in this webinar was about the challenges faced by marketing and business development teams.

Now, more than ever, is the time to focus on the business development capabilities you already have at your fingertips. How? By taking a data-driven approach and leveraging your existing client records.

We know that professional services firms that are familiar with CRM software (Client Relationship Management) & Practice Management systems are all too aware of the challenges of gaining data insights.

If your firm doesn’t have a robust system in place for employees recording activity for a data driven approach, then you could be missing out on huge opportunities to win new clients and grow key relationships.

Connect automatically to client records to gain visibility

Using Client Sense to connect automatically to your firm’s communication systems, your ability to identify a known relationship increases phenomenally.

This visibility is crucial to help your firm when pitching, looking for lateral hires, prospecting or looking to cross-sell into an organisation.

We understand that firms are under huge pressure to deliver pitches and proposals which impacts resources.

With our Client Sense software solution, professional services firms can really understand whether there's serious opportunity of winning work just by looking at the relationship and current communication between firm and client. The data provides management with the insight into what the likely success of these opportunities will be based on communication patterns. It can highlight whether the relationship is new or if it holds some long-term history which is a good sign of offering a better result allowing you to focus pitch efforts in the right place.

The reality is that busy professionals need easy to use intelligent technology that ensures client and prospect contact records are not out-of-date and that where possible the firm is capitalising on every opportunity.

Client Sense provides management with the insight into what the likely success of these opportunities will be based on the communication patterns.

Leveraging accurate and real-time data presents a whole new range of opportunities and business development capabilities.

Get a clear view of communication - firm-wide

A platform like Client Sense joins the dots providing a clear view of email traffic between firm and key clients. This visibility enables discussion channels to open up on both sides to reveal opportunities otherwise hidden in a data silo.

In these unprecedented times, knowing the total spend on the services your market, the percentage of revenue from a client and how much key referrers generate for you is critical and key to your client retention programme.

Webinar series for professional services

We’ll be continuing to share our knowledge of data insights with you remotely via our webinar series. Keep an eye out on our events page for future interactive webinars and follow us on social media for regular update

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