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Social Media - Do you have a policy?

I have been asked to put together a Social Media policy and am not sure where to start! We have many Facebook users and I need to ensure that both the firm and users are suitably protected by any policy we introduce. Has anyone else been through a similar exercise that could offer some assistance or guidance. Thx
Asked by: Annette Brown
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Hi Annette,

Coming at this from an external communications perspective, my best tip is to take a look at your current press and media policy, and adapt that to social media. Whilst social is different channel, the same rules apply:

- employees identifying themselves on social media as members of your firm, reflect the views of the firm and so the conduct should be as per they would when talking to the press etc.

- don't be defamatory

- reveal confidential information

- don't be stupid...!

You may of course be asking from an internal HR perspective, in which case that won't be of so much help.


Thanks Nick - much appreciated! A

Hi Annette

I have not long been a member of this group- hence my late response. I have a generic social media policy which I would be happy to send to you if you have not already written it.

Many thanks


Thanks Rebecca - I have this finalised now for Milbank, but Welcome! Regards. Annette

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