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Is there an IT package out there which encompasses accounts; conveyancing; private client, and family work?

We have several different case management systems at present, none of which integrates with the other and it is far too fragmented. Is there a system which would incorporate them all?
Asked by: Stephanie White
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Hi Stephanie, We are in the process of building something just like what you have requested. I'd love the chance to speak with you to discuss your specific needs. Perhaps you can drop me an email and i'll reach out to you to discuss kenny@lawdeck.com Regards, Kenny
Its a familiar problem Stephanie. Years of acquiring different case management systems focused on specific areas of law in order to tackle a particular problem at that point in time has left many firms in this kind of situation. As applications have become richer over the years newer products can offer a far more integrated approach to the software solutions required by modern firms. Our One Office practice management product offers case/matter management, workflow and legal accounts within a single solution. The comprehensive nature of the system and close integration between the different areas delivers a powerful tool for increasing efficiency and empowering law firm managers with the business information they need in real time. We've worked on many projects to migrate firms away from outdated and fragmented systems. I'd be happy to have a chat about how we've approached this and put you in touch with clients we've worked with for a take on it from that side of the fence. Message me on Linkedin if that's easiest. Regards Jon
Hi Stephanie. That is exactly what we at Linetime do have a look at us on www.linetime.co.uk and come back to me directly if you think we can help. We promise not to pester you. John

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