Exterro: e-disclosure technology at a glance

Understanding ESI Before Collection

In-place early case assessment (ECA) leverages increased visibility into ESI, before you have collected it, to define case strategy. It allows e-disclosure professionals to get to the facts of a given matter faster, producing downstream cost and time savings during collection, review, and production.

Using a broad set of analytic and predictive intelligence capabilities, in-place ECA rapidly identifies the most important documents prior to collecting a single document, justifying proportional and narrowly tailored e-disclosure production parameters. Bob Haskin, Managing Director at Morae Global, explains the power of true early case assessment, “It shifts from traditionally reactive approaches to a more proactive one with the goal of learning what you need to know sooner in the process.”

Using more advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence, during ECA, can provide e-disclosure professionals with even more insight, revealing hidden concept clusters, communication patterns, and custodian relationships. Tools like Exterro Smart ECA can unlock even greater savings than traditional ECA technologies, speeding up organisations' ability to get to the facts and define case strategy.

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