Industry case study from Accellion: Allen Linklaters

Allens Linklaters (Allens) has some of the world's longest ongoing client relationships, stretching back more than 150 years. Fifty-five of the world's top 100 companies, eight of Australia's top 10 public companies and 77 of Australia's top 100 public companies choose Allens as their legal adviser. Whether it’s a global multinational or a suburban-based company with a bright idea, Allens commitment to providing excellent service remains the same.

When employees needed to send large legal documents – whether to a colleague across the country or to a client around the globe – there were two options: burn the files to a CD and ship to the recipient or use an FTP service. Both options hindered business interactions, with users either relying on IT’s involvement for FTP transfers or waiting for recipients to receive shipped CDs, eating up potential billable hours. Plus, each option left the firm open to security risks, with uncertainty about whether files had been received, opened, or reviewed.

“We could have easily allowed employees to use consumer grade solutions such as Dropbox, that, on the surface, would have gotten the job done,” said Shawn Schmidt, Infrastructure Manager with Allens Linklaters. “But, we knew our firm and our clients needed something they could trust and rely on.”
In addition to being able to track and report on file transfer activity, Allens wanted to support the mobility of their client base, allowing users to access documents from anywhere, whether on an Android, iPad, or other mobile device. And, that mobile access had to be intuitive for users, as well as provided via a hosted on-premise solution, minimizing the management required by IT.

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