Industry case study from Accellion: Husch Blackwell LLP

Husch Blackwell LLP is a full-service litigation and business law firm with attorneys across the United States and in London. The firm represents national and global leaders in major industries that include agribusiness,
food and beverage, energy, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, real estate, construction, manufacturing, technology and transportation. The firm's history reflects almost a century of legal excellence, delivering the highest standards of legal services.

Husch Blackwell felt weighed down. Data-intensive files, such as documentation for client cases, put a huge stress on the firm’s email system. To offload a large percentage of the volume, the firm used hard drives, thumb drives and DVDs as file transfer alternatives.

“We focused on offloading large file transfers to reduce strain on our email system,” said Blake Rooney, Director of Information Technology at Husch Blackwell. “Once the need was outlined, we began zeroing in on solutions that would fit our business requirements.”

The firm selected a single solution for file sharing both internally and externally. One of the firm’s requirements was security – including data encryption and file notifications.

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