Sprout IT warn of new ransomware and explain how to avoid attack

View the Sprout IT BadRabbit infographic for more information


– New Ransomware, named BadRabbit

– 3rd major malware spread, this year, after WannaCry and NotPetya

– Infection via compromised websites

– Malware is disguised as Adobe Flash installer in encrypts hard drives (using DiskCryptor)

– Ransom is US$280 in Bitcoin

– Many similarities to NotPetya



  1. Software Patching
  • Automate your patching and cover as many vendors as possible.
  1. Email Security
  • Employ email security to scan inbound URLs (web addresses). This technology keeps you safe regardless of the device or location, from which you access emails, and click on any links.
  1. Web Security
  • Configure your perimeter security, to analyse your web traffic in real time. If you accidentally visit a nefarious website, this technology will detect, and drop, and malicious payloads.  A well configured firewall, will also prevent your machine from ‘calling home’ back out to the internet, should you somehow get infected.
  1. Backup
  • Have a robust, and well tested, backup process. If the worst happens and you are ‘ransomwared’, you can simply recover your data from a backup.  Still painful, but much less costly!
  1. Human Firewall
  • Train yourself and your colleagues, your biggest asset, to spot threats and avoid traps.  The Bar Council and the ICO tell us we should all complete annual awareness training and GDPR is just around the corner

View the Sprout IT BadRabbit infographic for more information

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