DocsCorp case study: London based firm Seddons adopted two enterprise solutions to support their GDPR compliance goals



To comply with the GDPR’s tough new data requirements, Seddon’s knew it must find a solution to two major security issues:

1. ‘Dark data’ – how many documents were unsearchable within their systems?

2. Staff email behaviour – was it putting them at risk of inadvertent leaks?

For the ‘dark data’ project, Seddons didn’t know how significant the issue was. So, they performed a data mapping exercise to recognise non-searchable files like image-based PDFs and JPGs. On the other hand, Seddon’s was already aware of the risk of sending an email to the wrong person or attaching a document containing sensitive metadata, and the fact that these were the most common sources of data leaks. The firm knew it needed to add an extra line of defence in email to help prevent this kind of human error.

Learn the steps Seddons took to take control of two different but crucial areas of data management. Download the PDF to read the case study in full.

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