Bar fears online court will lead to a two-tier justice system

News Article - 28/07/2016 : General, law firms, Online Court, solicitors journal, Technology

Barristers cautious over Briggs LJ's plans as litigators call for 'confidence' in reforms

Lord Justice Briggs's latest call for a new online court for civil claims has received a mixed reception from the...

Overseas model for Briggs’ online court goes live

News Article - 22/07/2016 : General, legal futures, Lord Justice Briggs, Online Court

The pioneering online small claims court thought to be the model for England and Wales was launched in Canada last week when the Act moving it from voluntary to mandatory claims came into force.

The civil resolution tribunal (CRT) in...

Online Court will include “limited” legal costs to aid unbundled advice, says Briggs

News Article - 27/05/2016 : fixed costs, General, legal futures, Online Court

The new Online Court will not ban lawyers and there will be “a very limited element of fixed costs” so litigants can get initial legal advice – but not the full “over-expensive” service, Lord Justice Briggs said...

Solicitors call for Online Court to have lower £10,000 limit

News Article - 01/03/2016 : General, law society, London Litigation Solicitors Association, Online Court, Small Claims Court

The London Litigation Solicitors Association (LSLA) and the Law Society are pushing for a lower £10,000 limit for cases in the proposed Online Court (OC).

Lord Justice Briggs set out ...