Introhive case study: Howard Kennedy

Case Study - 01/04/2020 : automation, business development, Client experience, CRM, Data Quality, Technology, Technology

Howard Kennedy Increases User Adoption of CRM & Grows the Firm’s Marketable Database by 400% With Introhive’s Relationship Intelligence Automation

As one of London’s top law firms, Howard...

Introhive case study: Lupton Fawcett

Case Study - 01/04/2020 : automation, business development, Client experience, CRM, Data Quality, Technology, Technology

Lupton Fawcett invests in relationship intelligence to increase client satisfaction and realizes a 350% return on investment.

Lupton Fawcett is a commercial law firm with offices in Leeds, Sheffield and York....

Introhive, Passle and Achert webinar: Connecting to the lonely client - maintaining key relationships during COVID-19

Event - 26/03/2020 : automation, business development, Client experience, CRM, Data Quality, Technology, Technology, Webinars

The sudden transition to work-from-home has heightened the need for firms to connect with clients and understand their unique needs. But this disruption in our usual routines can easily cause a breakdown in communication, or worse, a tone-deaf...


Network Partner - 16/03/2020 : automation, business development, Client experience, CRM, Data Quality

Introhive’s AI-powered platform automates manual data entry in CRM and unlocks the power of your firm’s relationships - so, partners, solicitors and business development can spend more time servicing clients, prospecting new business...

BMS Funding announce integration with Claim Technology, introducing a revolutionary AI claims platform for digital self-serve

News Article - 26/10/2018 : automation, Claim Technology, Claimstech, Insurtech, motor claims, personal injury claims, Practice Management

BMS Funding are known for their innovation and expertise in response to new legislation, conceived in response to the 2013 Jackson Reforms. Since then, their next-gen solutions make it possible for claimants to continue to benefit from...

Briefing supplement: Processing power

Resource - 01/05/2018 : artificial intelligence, automation, axiom, client relationship management, Contract Express, dac beachcroft, dentons, document automation, imanage, IntApp, Introhive, kennedys, Penningtons Manches, robotic process automation, RPC, the Computing Technology Industry Association, Thomson Reuters, Technology

Briefing supplement: Processing powers

Processing powers

In this latest special spotlight supplement, Briefing...

FileTrail leads efforts to integrate retention management and document management with automated connectors

News Article - 10/01/2018 : automation, business records, data entry, digital records, FileTrail, IG, IG requirements, maintaining records, management software, Software, Technology

FileTrail, a leader in next-generation records management software, announces the completion of new connectors for firms looking to integrate their records management and document management platforms. FileTrail connectors are now available for...

FileTrail: Has your law firm applied retention policies to its physical and electronic records?

Resource - 10/01/2018 : automation, business records, digital records, document management, FileTrail, IG policies, IG policy, maintaining records, records, retention management, Technology

Most law firms today understand they need to invest time and resources into developing policies and procedures to manage the vast amounts of information in their possession. However, properly executing IG policies comes with numerous...

Briefing December 2017: Legal IT Landscapes 2018

Resource - 07/12/2017 : AI, artificial intelligence, automation, board, Briefing Legal IT Landscapes 2018 report, briefing magazine, imanage, legal it, legal technology, machine learning, netdocuments, phoenix business solutions, tikit, top 100 law firms, Technology

How does your firm compare to peers when it comes to investment in uncovering the seeds of game-changing innovation? What’s the gap between your current levels of business process automation and the automation you think you could achieve...

Dun & Bradstreet: Do we need robotics in AML/KYC?

Resource - 06/12/2017 : AI, AML, automation, Beneficial Ownership, compliance, CRM Software, due diligence, Dun & Bradstreet, KYC, robotics, Risk & Compliance, Technology

There’s been a lot of news and discussion around the use of robotics in anti-money laundering (AML)/know your customer (KYC) compliance recently, and it appears to be somewhat of a buzzword. In the popular conception, a robot is a physical...

Client centricity – LPM magazine, December 2017 – Love your clients

Resource - 29/11/2017 : Aurum, automation, Breixt, client-centric business, digital marketing, finance processes, General, Jackson Lees, Katchr, law firm practice management, Legal Practice Management magazine, LPM magazine, paragon, Riliance, riverview, SME law firms, tech training, Finance, Human Resources, Knowledge Management, Marketing & BD, Risk & Compliance, Technology, Practice Management

This month, LPM magazine delves into the need to greater...

Briefing report: Innovation in Global Legal Business

Resource - 08/06/2017 : aderant, automation, briefing, collaboration, law firm innovation, law firm technology, legal it, machine learning, top 100 law firms, Knowledge Management, Risk & Compliance, Technology, Technology, Practice Management

What are top law firms doing to innovate in legal services today, to stay competitive tomorrow?



Industry view from Linetime: Workflow wizardry

Resource - 26/01/2017 : automation, Legal Practice Management, Linetime, Phil Snee, Technology, Practice Management

This article was also featured as an industry view in the May 2016 issue of LPM. To read the issue in full, download LPM...

Briefing December 2016: Intelligent designs

Resource - 07/12/2016 : artificial intelligence, augmentation, automation, baker & mckenzie, BigHand, branding, brexit, Brodies, business continuity testing, career planning, client relation management, cyberattack, cybercrime, growth, information security, international expansion, IT Finance Services, lexisnexis enterprise solutions, macfarlanes, ogier, phishing, reskilling, Technology, thomson reuters elite, thomson reuters peer monitor, Human Resources, Knowledge Management, Marketing & BD, Risk & Compliance, Technology

Intelligent designs

Professor Tom Davenport, the president's distinguished professor of IT and management at Babson College – and co-founder of the International...

Thomson Reuters July Report: Solving the automation puzzle

Resource - 06/07/2016 : automation, automation for law firms, automation solutions, Contract Express, drafting, Drafting assistant, General, law firm report, report, software solutions, Technology, Thomson Reuters, Technology, Practice Management

Thomson Reuters report: Solving the automation puzzle

A push in the right direction