Briefing on finance management with Sarah Wilkinson of FFW | The recession and the growth beyond it

Resource - 19/01/2012 : briefing, budgeting and forecasting, business process management, compliance, costs recovery, credit management, debt recovery, e-billing, education and training, Elite, expense management, feature article, field fisher waterhouse, IntApp, law firm profitability, legal accounts, legal costs, money laundering, multi-currency, offshore, pay, profitability, regulation, revenue, time capture, time recording, Finance, Finance, Risk & Compliance, Practice Management

Briefing on finance management 2010

Briefing - legalsupportnetwork....

Time for "cost recovery tax?"

Resource - 19/01/2012 : costs recovery, feature article, Finance, Finance, Technology

As long as firms have been doing "cost recovery" there has been talk about doing away with it. It's a love-hate relationship: Firms love the ability to recover their costs for making copies, faxes, phone calls and such but hate having to...

Costing the business

Resource - 19/01/2012 : costs recovery, feature article, Finance, Finance, Technology

The concept of cost recovery has been around in law firms for a number of years. Broadly speaking, it involves the recording and recouping of any marginal costs associated with a matter that are not otherwise captured by...

Leverage: friend or foe of maximised profits per partner

Resource - 19/01/2012 : costs recovery, feature article, law firm profitability, Finance, Finance, Human Resources

Here, in the second installment of his article Scott Nickerson, LexisNexis Redwood Think Tank deciphers the arguments surrounding it.

"There has been a significant amount of debate on the subject of leverage over the past dew weeks, and...

Law firms rethink receivables

Resource - 19/01/2012 : costs recovery, credit management, white paper, Finance, Finance, Risk & Compliance, Technology

It is a very good thing that law firms are typically highly profitable organisations with excellent margins, as they have not been particularly adept at managing or expediting cash flow. However, as utilisation has declined, margins have been...

Are alternative fees the death knell for cost recovery?

Resource - 19/01/2012 : alternative fee, costs recovery, white paper, Finance, Finance, Marketing & BD

While it would seem that fixed fees and flat rates would make cost recovery systems unnecessary for law firms, it is more likely that the opposite is true.

Corporate law departments may be requesting fixed fees, but they are...

Proclaim helps Compass Costs to recover over £100m profit costs for claimant solicitors

Case Study - 19/01/2012 : case management, costs recovery, document management, Technology, Technology

To fulfil the ongoing mission of providing a 'cradle-to-grave' service, Compass realised it would need to implement an effective case management software system to manage workloads. The firm approached Eclipse Legal Systems -  a name that...

Naomi Mehmet & Partners utilise DPS outlook office to support their growing firm

Case Study - 19/01/2012 : case management, costs recovery, e-mail management, legal accounts, Matter Management, workflow, Technology, Technology

With two offices, one in Kyrenia and the other in Famgusta, Naomi Mehmet & Partners have rapidly grown their business from a standing start to one of the largest in North Cyprus. With this growth, the firm realised that to manage...

Elite 3E yields significant return on investment for Maurice Blackburn

Case Study - 19/01/2012 : costs recovery, e-billing, Finance, Finance, Technology

Maurice Blackburn (MB) was one of the first firms in Australia to partner with Elite, a Thomson Reuters business, when the Elite Enterprise platform was first launched in the Australian market in 2003. MB required a robust system with a...

Nabarro Reduce Mobile Costs by 40% and Cut 24 Hours off Dictation Using BlackBerry

Case Study - 19/01/2012 : costs recovery, digital dictation, time recording, Technology, Technology


Nabarro is a major UK commercial law firm renowned for a jargonfree approach to client relations and wide-ranging expertise. The firm’s headquarters are in central London, with offices in Sheffield and Brussels. Nabarro operates in...

Debenhams Ottaway Save £500,000 in Salary Costs by Using Voicepath

Case Study - 19/01/2012 : costs recovery, digital dictation, law firm profitability, outsourcing, transcription, Finance, Finance, Human Resources, Technology

Debenhams Ottaway solicitors was formed in September 2008 following the merger of Turner & Debenhams solicitors and Ottaways solicitors. The two firms were individually significant, successful organisations with proud traditions but...

SJ Berwin Build on Benefits of Elite with and Upgrade to Version 3.8

Case Study - 19/01/2012 : budgeting and forecasting, business continuity planning, business intelligence, costs recovery, data management, Technology, Technology

SJ Berwin LLP, an international law firm with 600 lawyers and 1,125 total staff based in 12 offices, has used Elite for its financial and practice management system for nearly 15 years. Over that period, the organization has experienced...

Winkworth Sherwood Copitrak Case Study

Case Study - 19/01/2012 : costs recovery, Finance, Finance, Technology


Winkworth Sherwood is a highly individual law firm, committed to providing a relevant, competitive and professional service. Founded over 200 years ago and with offices in London, Oxford and Chelmsford, this top 150 law firm re-...

Bond Pearce Copitrak case study - the less paper office

Case Study - 19/01/2012 : costs recovery, workflow, Finance, Finance, Technology

One of the traditional misconceptions with cost recovery is that it is a ‘fit and forget’ technology. True, in one respect it is – once installed, it just goes quietly about its business, very much a background tool doing an...

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