FileTrail leads efforts to integrate retention management and document management with automated connectors

News Article - 10/01/2018 : automation, business records, data entry, digital records, FileTrail, IG, IG requirements, maintaining records, management software, Software, Technology

FileTrail, a leader in next-generation records management software, announces the completion of new connectors for firms looking to integrate their records management and document management platforms. FileTrail connectors are now available for...

FileTrail: Has your law firm applied retention policies to its physical and electronic records?

Resource - 10/01/2018 : automation, business records, digital records, document management, FileTrail, IG policies, IG policy, maintaining records, records, retention management, Technology

Most law firms today understand they need to invest time and resources into developing policies and procedures to manage the vast amounts of information in their possession. However, properly executing IG policies comes with numerous...

Open data, innovation and value

Resource - 24/09/2015 : digital records, open data, value, Knowledge Management, Technology

The UK is in the vanguard of open data. Sirs Tim Berners-Lee and Nigel Shadbolt founded the Open Data Institute as a catalyst for "the evolution of open data culture to create economic, environmental, and social value".

In this...