LTC4 now offers eDiscovery certification through strategic partnership with KoWorks, allowing legal professionals to achieve eCompetence at their own pace

Resource - 31/01/2018 : Assessment, certification, Competency, eDiscovery, information systems, KoWorks, LTC4, skills, Technology, training, Technology, Practice Management

Today, LTC4™ (Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition) announced an exciting new strategic partnership with KoWorks LLC, developer of technical eCompetence™ workflow-based assessments. LTC4 members who successfully...

Recommind adds enterprise-grade business intelligence to industry-leading eDiscovery platform

News Article - 30/01/2015 : Axcelerate 5, cloud computing, eDiscovery, knowledge management, legal it, Legal KM, legal knowledge management, legal technology, Recommind, Knowledge Management, Technology

Axcelerate 5: power, simplicity and now, visibility

Recommind, a leader in information intelligence, today announced the newest...

Recommind innovation turbo charges eDiscovery

News Article - 13/08/2014 : Axcelerate 5 update, case management software, cloud-computing, document review, eDiscovery, knowledge management, legal it, legal technology, Recommind, Knowledge Management, Technology

Recommind, a leader in information intelligence, today announced major enhancements to Axcelerate, its pioneering cloud-based eDiscovery review and...

Recommind enables eDiscovery in the cloud for content on Box

News Article - 06/08/2014 : cloud computing, eDiscovery, knowledge management, legal it, legal technology, Recommind, Knowledge Management, Technology

Recommind, a leader in information intelligence, has announced that Axcelerate, its leading eDiscovery review and analysis platform, now works...

Webinar: Power and simplicity in action

Event - 17/06/2014 : Axcelerate 5, eDiscovery, Legal IT Recommind, legal technology, webinar, Technology, Webinars

Powerful technology is rarely this simple … or is it? Let Neil Etheridge and Hal Marcus of Recommind take you on a tour through the ground breaking and industry first features of Axcelerate 5 eDiscovery.

This Webinar will walk you...

Recommind transforms the eDiscovery user experience with Axcelerate 5

News Article - 03/02/2014 : Analytics, Axcelerate 5, eDiscovery, Recommind, Knowledge Management, Technology

Major new release delivers the ultimate combination of powerful analytics, simplicity and ease of use in the cloud.


Recommind webinar replay

Resource - 29/01/2014 : eDiscovery, Recommind, webinar, Knowledge Management, Technology

eDiscovery in Real Life

In this webinar, the speakers discuss how you can get high value in those “smaller” cases that comprise the majority of your litigation portfolio. You will get useful tips in how to...

Huron Legal briefing outlines strategies to manage e-discovery challenges

News Article - 27/09/2013 : BYOD, cloud computing, costs, eDiscovery, governance, Huron Legal, social media, Technology, Technology, Practice Management

Briefing discusses emerging issues in e-discovery; provides guidance on strategic planning, technology concerns, and collection and production risks. 

Huron Consulting Group, a leading provider of business consulting services, today...

Recommind positioned in the leaders quadrant of the 2013 magic quadrant for eDiscovery software

News Article - 18/06/2013 : eDiscovery, Gartner’s 2013 report, Recommind, ‘Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software, Knowledge Management, Technology

Recommind a leader in unstructured data management analysis and governance technology, today announced that it has been positioned in the ‘Leaders’ Quadrant of Gartner’s 2013 report, ‘Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery...

ZyLAB enhances simplicity in sophisticated eDiscovery

News Article - 11/06/2013 : Discovery Bundle 3.2, eDiscovery, information management technology, ZyLAB, Technology

eDiscovery Bundle 3.2 provides easier ways to distinguish duplicate documents during review and offers the ability to view the complete conversation email threads. The result is a...

Changes in civil procedure rules in the UK

News Article - 05/06/2013 : Civil procedure rules, eDiscovery, Jackson reforms, ZyLAB, Risk & Compliance, Technology

On the 1 April 2013 the  UK Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) underwent important amendments – known as the Jackson reforms. These reforms see the biggest changes to UK court...

ZyLAB and partner SDL offer multilingual eDiscovery technology

News Article - 30/05/2013 : eDiscovery, SDL, ZyLAB, Risk & Compliance, Technology

ZyLAB, leading provider of e-Discovery and information management solutions today announced the integration of its eDiscovery platform with SDL’s automated machine translation...

ZyLAB shows organisations the way in the field of privacy and data protection

News Article - 30/05/2013 : big data, eDiscovery, information management technology, Technology, Technology

ZyLAB, leading eDiscovery and information management technology company, today launches a campaign informing IT decision makers and legal professionals about recent developments in...

Webinar recording: bringing eDiscovery in-house

Resource - 29/05/2013 : eDiscovery, information governance, ZyLAB, Technology

If you are considering an eDiscovery software purchase, the Apersee webinar, "Bringing eDiscovery in-house", sponsored by ZyLAB is one webinar you cannot afford to miss.


Webinar recording: privacy and data protection in eDiscovery

Resource - 09/05/2013 : data privacy, eDiscovery, information governance, ZyLAB, Technology

Recent data privacy developments stress the need for enterprises that are subject to preservation, disclosure, or discovery obligations, to find practical approaches to reduce risk and cost of global data privacy and cross-border discovery...