The Tikit eMarketing user group is back

Event - 22/06/2017 : Central London, document templates, email marketing, emarketing, legal software, practice management, timekeeping, Marketing & BD, Technology, User groups

Tikit are delighted to announce that we will be running a user group for all Tikit eMarketing users on 12th July. It has been a couple of years since we held the last user group and we are excited to be able to take this opportunity to show you...

Tikit’s unified support approach to simplify global client services

News Article - 25/04/2016 : Carpe Diem, emarketing, General, imanage, TMS and Partner for Windows, WorkSite

All of Tikit’s own products (Carpe Diem, eMarketing, TMS and Partner for Windows) will now be supported through one central platform which will be managed by newly appointed head of global IP support, Miles Osborne. This comes as part of a...

Tikit eMarketing v6 UK launch

Event - 17/04/2015 : Central London, emarketing, Launch, tikit, Marketing & BD, Technology, Other/ general events

Tikit are holding an exclusive UK event to celebrate the launch Tikit eMarketing v6, their completely re-engineered, functionally rich...

Tikit TMS v6 release

News Article - 01/10/2013 : CRM, document management, emarketing, General, practice and case management software, template management system v6, tikit, time capture, TMS v6, Technology

The latest version of Tikit’s Template Management System (TMS v6) was released on Thursday at the BT Tower, London - a complete redesign of the previous award-winning version.

Template Management has traditionally been about helping...

Tikit launch eMarketing v5

News Article - 12/08/2013 : emarketing, eMerge, ReAction Server, tikit, Marketing & BD, Technology

Tikit launch eMarketing v5 – bringing a new reporting engine, simple UI and enhanced social integration to law firm marketing.

Since partnering with BT in January 2013, Tikit has continued...

Tikit announces sales of eMarketing Suite in North America

News Article - 19/01/2012 : email marketing, emarketing, marketing, tikit, Finance, Finance, Technology

Implemented at over 250 sites worldwide, the eMarketing Suite is one of the most successful Tikit developed product solutions. In North America, Tikit continues to acquire more clients of its eMarketing Suite, with five recent wins including...

eMarketing functions now from a single interface

News Article - 19/01/2012 : email management, email marketing, emarketing, tikit, Marketing & BD, Marketing & BD, Technology

The new 'one touch' feature allows users to create their content, select the recipients, set up the processes for recipients to respond and track the success of the mailing - all from the new eMerge client.

Users can now also perform...