Business intelligence for the legal sector

News Article - 19/01/2012 : business intelligence, finance directors, Finance, Finance

As Finance Directors we are often told that what we have produced has too many numbers, is too complex and too late!

While the information is invariably accurate, we need to ask ourselves, is it really useful?

FDs have a vital role...

FDs pessimistic on sterling

News Article - 19/01/2012 : finance directors, moneycorp, sterling, Finance, Finance

A weaker pound has had a major impact on UK businesses, as Finance Directors have struggled to manage currency exposure. For importers cost pressures have heightened, but for exporters opportunities to profit have been plentiful.


Priorities change for Finance Directors

News Article - 19/01/2012 : cfo, finance directors, Finance, Finance

Senior financial roles may have irreversibly changed as a result of the recession, new research commissioned by business intelligence expert D&B has shown.

The Cashflow Confidence study, which quizzed 100 financial decision-makers...

Support roles in top 100 law firms more mature and more mobile than ever

News Article - 19/01/2012 : finance directors, top 100 director research, Finance, Finance


The role of FD in the top 100 law firms is the most traditional of roles - but this could be about to change. Finance directors are the longest-serving on average of three of the key support areas (Human Resources...

Top law firms look outside law for finance, inside for IT, and to women only for HR

News Article - 19/01/2012 : equality, finance directors, hr directors, it directors, Legal Services Act, Finance, Finance, Human Resources, Technology

Top law firms' gender mix for senior support roles in two out of the three titles surveyed performs poorly against other sectors

Three major factors will drive change in the world of legal in the next 18 months - the completion...

Data efficiency and cutting costs

News Article - 19/01/2012 : data management, finance directors, record management, Finance, Finance, Technology

How Finance Directors can get involved in the data streamlining process.

With ongoing uncertainty about the economic outlook and the strength of recovery, businesses across all sectors are continuing to find ways to improve...

Inflation and pensions

News Article - 19/01/2012 : finance directors, inflation, pensions, risk management, Finance, Finance

Everyone seems to have become complacent about inflation risk.

Even the most thorough risk management system will inevitably be driven by the experiences of those carrying it out. "New" risks are often only identified after...

Project management and the Finance Director

News Article - 19/01/2012 : finance directors, project management, Finance, Finance

A critical role for the FD in making businesses better, post-crunch.

In the current climate, where some organisations are beginning to see a soft landing at the end of the credit crunch and others are still feeling the squeeze, the...

Finance directors and print procurement strategies

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Advice on saving money on print.

During a recession, all businesses come under pressure to cut costs, but sometimes this is something that is easier said than done. Large scale cost cutting measures often involve fundamental changes...

A time for vigilance

News Article - 19/01/2012 : finance directors, financial management, Finance, Finance

Risk assessments, patience and constant monitoring are key to Finance Director success in 2009.

This recession is undoubtedly different, at least for some.

A strong order book, customer demand and a sound business base is no...

A&O IT chief takes up finance director role as long-serving FD quits to head Hildebrandt

News Article - 19/01/2012 : Allen & Overy, finance directors, hildebrandt, Finance, Finance, Technology

Allen & Overy (A&O) has made a series of internal promotions following the departure of finance director Ian Dinwiddie.


The magic circle firm has promoted IT director Jason Maines to take over the finance director...

Dealing with the rising profile of the finance director

News Article - 19/01/2012 : finance directors, finance function, recession, Finance, Finance

In the aftermath of the credit crunch, an ever-growing regulatory burden has fallen squarely on the shoulders of that organisational lynchpin – the finance director. 


Wayne Dewsnap of Exact explores the rising...

Survey shows finance professionals in short supply

News Article - 19/01/2012 : finance directors, finance function, survey, Finance, Finance

Talent shortages continue for UK employers of finance professionals, according to the latest annual global financial employment monitor by recruiter Robert Half.


The study, focusing on hiring difficulties, retention concerns...

Finance Directors express credit hopes for 2010

News Article - 19/01/2012 : credit, credit management, deloitte, finance directors, Finance, Finance

<i>Britain's finance directors are at their most confident for two years.</i>

Finance Directors across the UK have expressed a renewed sense of hope for the coming year.

A Deloitte study has shown that Finance...