Artificial intelligence is going to change the world of SEO – what you need to know

Resource - 17/06/2016 : Artificial General Intelligence, Artificial Narrow Intelligence, Artificial Super-Intelligence, google, law firm, RankBrain, SEO, Technology

In our last series of blogs, we looked at how “content is king” in the world of SEO, and how your law firm can maximise this to greatest effect. In today’s blog we are delving into tomorrow’s world, which it transpires,...

Using keywords to boost your law firm’s search engine ranking

Resource - 18/04/2016 : google, keywords, law firm, search engine, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

In the current era of Google (and we shouldn’t forget Bing), any legal business that appears first, or close to first in search results when searched for are likely to have a considerable advantage over those that do not. But what if your...

How to ensure your law firm reaches the first page of a Google search

Resource - 12/04/2016 : google, Google search, website content, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

As a law firm there is really no better marketing way of getting your company name in the public domain than appearing in a Google search result page. As most people know however, this is only useful to you if your services are shown on the first...

Google’s four rules of recruitment

News Article - 04/03/2016 : Future Talent Conference, General, google, human resources, recruitment, Human Resources

Yvonne Agyei, the tech giant’s international HR head, on its unexpectedly process-driven hiring methods – and the search for ‘Googleyness’.

The popular perception of Google’s...

Digital resolutions for law firms in 2016

Resource - 06/01/2016 : blog, Conscious Solutions, content, digital marketing, google, law firms, marketing, newsletter, Marketing & BD

As the old saying goes, a new year means a new start.

Everyone knows that there’s no excuse in January, since all the resolutions that have built up over the year have already been pushed to the “new year” pile. Once the...

Lawyers and barristers missing a trick with social media

Resource - 27/10/2015 : barrister, google, law firms, lawyers, lexis nexis, social media, twitter, website, Marketing & BD, Technology

With over half of the UK adult population using social networking sites, the power of social media as marketing tool is immeasurable – yet many legal services organisations still shy away from using social technologies. A study by Lexis...

Focus on legal topics, not keywords when writing legal content

Resource - 29/09/2015 : content, google, keywords, legal, SEO, Marketing & BD, Practice Management


Most people now know that stuffing keywords into web pages to achieve higher rankings in Google is about as effective as spitting into the ocean. The practice...

Tests help lessen the impact of Googles Mobile-Friendliness up-date for half of the top 100 UK law firms

Resource - 20/05/2015 : google, law firm websites, mobile-friendly test, mobile-friendly website, Tela, Marketing & BD

From April 21st onwards, almost 50% of the top 100 UK law firms websites, have been placed at risk of being downgraded in Google’s results as the search engine rolled out one of the biggest ever changes to the way its algorithms work. The...

Google mobile search update to affect SMEs

News Article - 21/04/2015 : google, LDF, mobile, sme, Marketing & BD, Technology

On the 21st April, Google will introduce changes to mobile searching and will...

Balance announces launch of their new mobile optimised website in time for Google mobile armageddon

News Article - 21/04/2015 : balance recruitment, google, mobile, website, Human Resources, Technology

With the collaboration of Website 4 Agencies, multi-award winning niche accountancy recruitment consultancy, Balance Recruitment, has today announced the launch of their new website.


Google's new mobile algorithm - what this really means for law firms

Resource - 17/04/2015 : google, law firms, mobile algorithm, The legal copywriting company, Marketing & BD

As most people will know by now, from April 21st, Google will release into the wild its new search results algorithm which will reward sites that are deemed mobile...