Tela's tips for monitoring conversational legal websites

Resource - 15/09/2016 : google analytics, kpi, legal websites, monitoring conversational legal websites, social media, Tela, Marketing & BD, Technology

Knowing exactly which KPI’s to measure on your law firm’s website isn’t always obvious. By looking at the data obtained from your website’s analytics, you can begin to gain an understanding of how different...

Redbrick Solutions case study: Marcus Baum

Case Study - 25/04/2016 : business intelligence, case management technology, case study, kpi, Marcus Baum, Technology, Practice Management

Marcus Baum are a specialist conveyancing operation based in Southend on Sea. Founded in 1995, they have recently opened additional offices in Rayleigh and Leigh on Sea, where they also now handle probate matters. They employ over 40 staff...

Your probation is up – tips on how to approach it

Resource - 24/11/2015 : kpi, probation, risk, Finance, Marketing & BD

That time has approached, the end of your probation period is coming up. What do you do next, here are six tips to help you through.

Most companies will have a set procedure for this so you will not have to worry, others however will be...

Your KPIs are killing you – what should you do?

Resource - 17/11/2015 : goals, kpi, morgan hunt, performance, Human Resources, Marketing & BD

Living with KPi’s that you feel you cannot achieve is a miserable experience, the most important thing about them is that you need to feel they are achievable.

Key performance indicators (KPI) are the quantifiable measurements...

Briefing magazine Industry Analysis: Profits before pitches

Resource - 08/10/2013 : BD, business development, business inteligence, kpi, pricing, profitability, Marketing & BD

Profitability has to be placed at the heart of BD’s thinking – and that can be done more easily than you think, says Dan Wales, legal business manager for BIPB

Business development is crucial to the success of...